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Legend Of Zelda, The A Link To The Past And Four Swords ROM Download for Gameboy Advance

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After a time of peace unexplained catastrophes began to occur. A stranger named Agahnim managed to stop these, resulting in him being the chief advisor to the throne. He was planning on taking over the throne, and using seven maidens descended from the sages to break the seal. He’s awakened by Zelda’s telepathy, who tells him that she’s a prisoner in the castle’s dungeon. The now awake Link finds his uncle with a sword and shield in hand. He tells Link not to go out, and sets off to the castle.

  • Before we begin, let’s first need to address a few fundamental questions to ensure there is no misconception about Game Boy emulators in your mind.
  • I haven’t had that same loading time problem with any of the other plugins I’ve written.
  • Not a major problem on the GBA but on something like the SNES with dumper added headers it is a nightmare.

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But unlike antique shops, abandonware websites specialize exclusively in collecting offering for download old versions of utility software, productivity apps, and console games, of course. If you visit some of the most popular abandonware websites, you’ll find tons of classic Game Boy Advance and other Nintendo games available for download. Though such gaming devices are considered to be an old technology, this doesn’t mean that all these GBA emulator games went out of date too. Due to powerful emulators, you can immerse yourself into fascinating gameplay at any moment. Download and play some of your favorite titles right away!

Nostalgia.GBA Pro GBA Emulator

With a small Lua script running in your emulator you can hack classic games using any programming language. There are endless possibilities now that we’ve hooked up old video games to the power of the Internet. With the actual Game Genie, the gamer enters a 6 or 8 digit code of seemingly arbitrary letters. This goes through a cipher and is translated to a hex address and value. The Game Genie hardware intercepts the memory reads from the game console and responds with the value that the code represents. Here is a pretty good explanation of this process with example bits of C code.

It is a legit site and does not show any annoying ads and misleading links. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to download various ROMs, this is an ultimate option for you. This safe ROM website undoubtedly deserves a chance. The homepage of the site has an effective tutorial section for helping less experienced users run ROM games. It is known for its wide-ranging directory offering thousands of emulators and ROMs for download.


It was re-released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 as A Link to the Past & Four Swords. This game included the original A Link to the Past , and it included a special multiplayer mode called Four Swords. The Four Swords mode could only be used when one or more GBAs were linked together. There were numerous minor differences between the SNES and GBA versions of the game. The GBA version includes sound effects made by Link when he swings his sword . The screen resolution is slightly lower in the GBA version, so the overall size of the view is reduced.

The events of Pokemon Nameless Edition take place in the region of Tallon which was heavily inspired by the state of Florida. Pokemon CloverPokemon Clover is another popular ROM hack of the original Pokemon Fire Red game for Game Boy Advance. The events of the game take place in the Tandor Region and task the player with putting a stop to Steam Steam which is bent on taking over the world. It is up to the player to stop the evil efforts of Team Mirage while at the same time battling and catching Gen 4 and Gen 5 Pokemon. Pokemon Korosu is one of a few mods that deal with such dark themes and features a lot of violence and death, so it is definitely meant for mature audiences.


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