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20 Best Sonic Games of All Time

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Many critics noted that the main problem was night-time gameplay and a weak storyline. But these criticisms are of aspects that took the series in a new direction. As 2D Sonic fans, and even Adventure fans were beginning to grow older, SEGA was starting to experiment with maturing the games with the audience and presenting more serious storylines than in previous 3D titles. While an argument over quality isn’t necessarily a constructive one, it’s important to consider why people react to media in the ways that they do, and why certain flavors of criticism/commentary develop. Despite all the flak Sonic has caught over the past two decades, the fan base has continued to grow and many have come to love the games which are considered infamously bad.

  • Boost grants players the ability to launch Sonic into Mach speed and clear out enemies quickly.
  • The next game in the series is Sonic Lost World, another Nintendo-exclusive title that was originally released for Wii U and 3DS before being ported to PC.
  • A DLC pack called Start Dash Pack, which includes 100 Bonus Coins, Mirror Mode unlock, and Letterbox Background, will be available as a pre-order bonus for both Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition.
  • SEGA, unsure how to appease fans of both old Sonic and new Sonic, came up with a stroke of genius that perhaps showed there was life in the old hedgehog yet.

Is easily the best of the original trilogy and brilliant from concept to execution. By including an expansive story and flipping the player’s perspective, the developers crafted a story that would have a major and lasting impact on the Sonic series. Featuring cute alien « wisps » that give Sonic bite-size powers to shake up the usual 3D-boosting and 2D-platforming action, Sonic Colors sports a plethora of gameplay styles that flow well together and make for a fun experience.

Sonic the Hedgehog Video Game Music

Sonic has inspired various internet memes, which have been acknowledged by Sega and referenced in games. « Sanic hegehog », a crude Sonic drawn in Microsoft Paint, originated in 2010; typically, the meme uses one of Sonic’s catchphrases but with poor grammar. The Sonic Twitter account has made numerous references to it, and it appeared in official downloadable content for Sonic Forces on in-game shirts and as a visual gag in the Sonic the Hedgehog film. Sanic also inspired similar memes and parodies, and was described by William Moo of Syfy Wire as « perfect proof of the twisted love and appreciation many have » for Sonic.

Sonic has even starred alongside his former business rival Mario in a series of Olympics-themed video games. For the franchise’s 15th anniversary in 2006, Sonic Team developed Sonic Riders, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a GBA port of the original Sonic. Sonic Riders, the first Sonic racing game since Sonic R, was designed to appeal extreme sports fans as well as regular Sonic fans. With a more realistic setting than previous entries, Sonic the Hedgehog—commonly referred to as Sonic ’06—was intended to reboot the series for seventh-generation consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The development faced serious problems; Naka, the last of the original Sonic development team, resigned as head of Sonic Team to form Prope, and the team split so work could begin on a Nintendo Wii Sonic game. According to Iizuka, these incidents, coupled with stringent Sega deadlines and an unpolished game engine, forced Sonic Team to rush development.

Joining him are his inventor friend « Tails » Prower, who transforms his now-familiar plane into a Chicken Walker; and Knuckles the Echidna, who is searching for the Master Emerald after it gets broken by Eggman… Unfortunately for Knuckles, Rouge also has an interest in collecting the scattered emerald pieces. That’s significantly higher than the series’ previous high of 11,937, set by Sonic Mania around five years ago.

While the Master System version appears brighter and more colorful, the Game Gear version has a higher color palette despite its lower resolution. The monumental success of Sonic spun out into a major franchise that not only outlived the Sega Genesis but all Sega consoles. As Sonic could pick up fast speeds, several of the platforms were curved to allow him to run up walls, speed through loop-d-loops, and in some cases repel off a spring and go flying up or back in the direction he came from. In addition to Naoto Ōshima, Sonic Team consisted of programmer Yuji Naka, game director Hirokazu Yasuhara, designers Jinya Itoh and Rieko Kodama.

Sonic’s golden years return on modern gaming platforms to celebrate the blue blur’s 30th anniversary

The initial team was composed of developers from Sega’s Consumer Development division, including programmer Yuji Naka, artist Naoto Ohshima, and level designer Hirokazu Yasuhara. The team took the name Sonic Team in 1991 with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis. The game was a major success, and started the long-running Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Once you get used to Sonic not feeling great, the loop here actually becomes quite engaging.

Sonic And The Secret Rings

It’s a different kind of Sonic game that might not jive well with all fans, but it’s an entry all fans should try regardless thanks to its unusual design choices and unique art style. Of course, said visuals are dated, so it’s odd that the Saturn version hasn’t been seen since the days of the namesake console itself and one obscure PC release. While not the only Sonic classic to never see a re-release, Knuckles’ Chaotix is the quintessential example of such.


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